How To Introduce Your Girlfriend To Your Friends

So the time has come and you need to know how to introduce your girlfriend to your friends. There’s a moment in every guy’s life when he must integrate the two largest influences in his world: his girlfriend, and his friends. This is a big step, and handled wrongly, it can harm your relationship on either side. To prevent such a thing from happening here are a few simple tips to help keep you focused on what’s best for both parties, and navigate you safely through the potentially treacherous waters of introducing your girlfriend, to your friends.

Home Court Advantage

  1. For them: No matter how much you’re into, like, or, dare we say, even love your girl, this moment is all about your homeboys. Why, you may ask? Because if you don’t land their approval, you are now susceptible to a lifetime of the most inhumane torture imaginable: torture reserved only for the cruel and unrelenting nature of your closest friends. To help ease some of the awkward tension your friends might feel towards a newcomer, it’s imperative to have such an epic moment unfold in their natural habitat. A preferred sports bar, your friend’s house with the really nice HDTV/Xbox set up that you frequent often, or the local county jail… Anywhere your friends are more prone to be themselves, and thus, more comfortable with the newcomer who’s applying for their approval.
  2. For Her: Although you need to tailor this “shin-dig” to your boys, you don’t want the experience to traumatize your girl either. Remember the more comfortable your pals are by the location, chances are the less comfortable your gal will be. What you want to avoid at all costs, is allowing this occasion to already push her into the “I’ll pass” stage for all future gatherings—so make sure you give her plenty of time to mentally prepare for what’s about to happen. It may not seem like it to us guys, but there’s a big difference between hanging out at a bar, and hanging out in a McDonalds ball pit… These are details she needs to know ahead of time to allow her to dress appropriately, and get a general idea of what’s about to go down. Keep in mind, you want her to bring her “A Game” and she can’t do that if you don’t give her time to prepare.

Does Girl Got Game?

  1. For them: Once you chose the location for the introduction, now it’s time to find out if your girl can take bring heat! This is going to be a “hazing” period for her, because your friends only want to know if she can stand on her own. Like territorial male lions, they’re going to roar as loud as they can to scare off invaders who are too weak. This customary hazing is perfectly all right, so long as your friends keep to their roaring, and don’t actually sink their teeth in. To help this process be as natural as possible, choose to do things that are preferred pastimes amongst your friends. Double feature bad movie night, 3am Call of Duty battles, getting kicked out of Subway for singing the Quizno’s theme song—whatever it is you normally do—that’s exactly what you want your girl to experience. The reason? Simple. You want to know up front if your girl will accept you for who you are. And you are most, who you are with your friends.
  2. For her: Whatever the venue, you will probably be doing things she isn’t familiar with. So make sure to go out of your way to be right there besides her through it all. If the plan is to play video games, make sure you aren’t too competitive—in fact, be a hero and come to her rescue! That can go a long way to ensure future gaming together! If you’re lounging around with cigars and scotch, make sure you are sitting with her, and helping to catch her up on all the “stories” that your friends are bound to spew. But what ever you do, don’t just sit back and throw her to the jackals, because, although extremely amusing to your friends, it will never, ever, end well for you.     
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