How To Introduce Yourself

If you are shy, learn how to introduce yourself to people so you feel comfortable in public. Whether it's for work or for dating purposes, being nervous and stammering can turn people off. Channel your inner extrovert to make new friends and acquaintances. Learning how to be confident and introduce yourself is a skill that will last a lifetime. If you are intimidated by strangers, practice in a mirror or by yourself before doing in real life. Keep in mind that the people that you meet are just other people, too. They can't hurt you.

  1. Smile A smile is an instant icebreaker. In a professional environment, a serene smile is perfect when you introduce yourself. A wide grin is appropriate in most situations. When you smile, make sure to look the person in the eyes. Eye contact is crucial when you first introduce yourself.
  2. Handshake Put your hand out to shake another person's hand if it's appropriate for the situation. Give a firm handshake.
  3. Name Introduce yourself by giving your name. If it is a professional setting, state your full name. If not, your first name is fine. Ask the person for his or her name. Tell him that you are happy to meet him. While you do so, make sure to smile and hold eye contact.
  4. Life Details Introduce yourself by mentioning pertinent details such as where you life, what you do for a living or hobbies that you enjoy.
  5. Repeat After the basic introduction, make sure to mention the person's name again.



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