How To Invest In Apple

Want to learn about how to invest in Apple? There are several ways to invest in Apple, Inc., the electronics and computer company.

The easiest and most straightforward way is to purchase shares of Apple, Inc. stock (AAPL). If you don't already have an investment account set up, consider opening an investing account with an online broker. You do not need a traditional brokerage house because they charge higher commissions than online brokerages. Since you know which stock you want to purchase, you do not need to get advice from an investment broker before doing so. As part of opening your account, you will have to provide money for an opening deposit. Once the account opens with your money in it, log in the the online brokerage website and use the "buy" function to purchase shares of Apple, Inc.

Another way to invest in Apple stock is to set up the equivalent of a Dividend Reinvestment Program (DRP or "drip" for short). While you can not work through Apple to do so, as you can with many companies, you can still emulate the program via an online broker. This method is different than a straight out purchase of stock because you are buying a little bit of the company on a scheduled basis. For instance, you can set up your online brokerage account to take $100 out of your bank account every month and buy that much worth of Apple, creating a pool of stock which doesn't have to be an even number of shares at a time. A benefit of using this method to invest in Apple, Inc. is that your stock will then be dollar-cost averaged, meaning that what you have at the end of the year will reflect the price over the entire year, and a price spike won't have as much impact on your average purchase price.

Not all online brokerages allow you to set up a system like this (a self-made drip), so check to make sure yours doesn't require you buy an even number of shares. Some online brokerages also charge a small monthly fee (under $10) and give you a couple free trades so that you may be able to do this without paying any sort of purchase fee or commission.

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