How To Invest In Bloom Energy

Need to know how to invest in Bloom Energy? A new game changer has emerged in the energy technologies industry known as Bloom Energy. Ion America, as Bloom Energy was formerly called, is building Solid Oxide Regenerative Fuel Cells (SORFC), which are a form of renewable energy that is generated from hydrogen and oxygen in ambient air. This flexible fuel system produces reliable, clean and affordable energy from a wide array of fuels. With this technology, Bloom Energy makes it easy for consumers to generate their own electricity for a cheaper cost than their present energy sources and also reduce carbon emissions to about 50 to 100% per kilowatt, according to the fuel type. There has been so much buzz and hype about Bloom Energy lately in the media as many giant corporations are beginning to buy the Bloom Box,  which is their consumer energy unit. Indeed, Bloom Energy is a company to invest in, because any investment into it can only be bullish. Check out these ways to invest in Bloom Energy:

  1. Buy into the Bloom Energy IPO (Initial Public Offer). Getting a share of Bloom Energy stock is one of the best ways of investing in Bloom Energy. However, Bloom Energy has not gone public yet. It has been funded by venture capital, and so far $250 million and seven years have already gone into it, while the company is projecting to list their stock by 2019.
  2. Buy the Bloom Box. By investing in this device, consumers would be unhooked from the electrical grid. It generates energy using fossil fuels while cutting the cost of electricity and reducing carbon emissions. But the cost of the Bloom Box is prohibitive to the consumer, as each box presently sells for $800,000. However, Bloom Energy is working on cutting the cost down to $3,000 for a consumer-sized edition. A normal home in the United States would require two of the boxes to generate all the power that it requires.
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