How To Invest That Extra 100 Dollars Every Month

Curious about how to invest that extra 100 dollars every month? Most people don't choose to invest their extra money; that is why they seek outside knowledge for help with investing. The help you need is right here, and it is very easy for anyone wanting to invest that 100 dollars wisely.

  1. Invest in life insurance. A 100-dollar investment each month in life insurance will get you a two million dollar policy. It is amazing how many people don't take advantage of this incredible investment windfall. Maybe it is because people don't want to confront the inevitable.
  2. Purchase many shares of gold ETFs. ETFs are "exchange traded funds," and gold ETFs are very strong and stable. It is well-known that gold averages a 15% gain annually. This is great for a conservative investor who doesn't want to take a lot of risk.
  3. Take care of your kids' future. Invest in programs that allow you to contribute funds from the time that your kid is under three. Many baby product companies offer this type of program and will either match whatever you contribute or will allow the account to gain a percentage each year based on that amount of the principal investment.
  4. Put away that 100 dollars each month to buy something special later. You can save that money each month until you have enough dough to buy your wife a gift or to go on a vacation. Another good idea would be to continue to save until you can create a nest egg. This will help to protect you if you fall on hard financial times that last for six months or more.


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