How To Invest Money To Make Money

Searching for new ideas on how to invest money to make money? Tired of all the old, boring ways that don't seem to provide results? Here you will find creative ways for you to invest your money that will bring back substantial gain.

  1. Invest your money in the domain name market. This is one of the only places where you can invest eight dollars to own a name and turn around and sell that name for $1,000,000. Sure the names that fetch this kind of sale are rare, but they do happen regularly. Think of a domain name as a piece of land or lot on the internet. In order for a person to get his website or webpage seen, they have to acquire "land" first. Land on the internet is domain name URLs. It is similar to how a business or real estate property needs land to set up their residence or place of operation.
  2. Sell options online. Most people don't know how to sell covered call options. It is a great way to make residual income each month. Usually, profits from trading covered calls is about three to seven percent a month. It does involve a lot of studying and knowledge before you actually make live trades, so make sure when you first start to only trade via "paper trade." This means you only trade demo accounts that act like live accounts; the only difference there is no money involved.
  3. Invest in gold and silver bullion. Investing in precious metals is a great hedge against inflation. Whenever a nation's currency starts to tank, people look to gold and silver to protect them against the economic collapse of the country. Gold and silver are fixed commodities; this means there is no new gold or silver being created by the earth. The money you invest today in these commodities will make you money in the future.
  4. Lending for interests sake. The popularity of personal loan lending has increased greatly over the years. People are lending their money to people online to earn a healthy return, similar to how big lending companies have done it.
  5. Life insurance is a stealth weapon when it comes to investing. This is because it is so overlooked by people who invest. Most people don't want to ponder over when they will eventually pass away, so they never take advantage of the opportunity that life insurance affords. You can invest $50 a month for the rest of your life. When you pass, your family will inherit $1,000,000. 



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