How To Invest In Nike

Nike is the largest outfitter of sporting equipment in the world, so if you want to make money, learn how to invest in Nike. Nike is a multi-billion dollar corporation that has a demonstrated record of profitability. In 2007, for example, Nike claimed a 1.3 billion dollar revenue. Naturally, you would want to invest in Nike. Like any other company, there are some factors to consider before investing.

  1. Research Nike. Like any other company, you will have to research the history before deciding whether or not to invest. You should consider trends in gains and losses. While fluctuations happen in every business, you have to look at how big the fluctuations are and how big of a risk you are taking. You can obtain this information through was is called a "prospectus." The prospectus will provide you with a detailed analysis of capital gains and losses, financial statements and information about the CEO and board of directors. You can obtain a prospectus through Nike's Website or from your financial advisor. 
  2. Decide how much you want to invest. People are generally advised to not invest more money than they can risk losing. You also want to consider how much of a time commitment you are willing to make. This goes for how long you intend to leave your money invested in Nike and when you want to sell the stock. It also means, how much of your time do you want to invest in keeping abreast of Nike news and monitoring changes in the stock market.
  3. Purchase shares of Nike. Tell your stockbroker you want to invest in Nike or go to the NASDAQ Website to invest through your online broker. The Nike stock symbol is NKE. Enter this symbol and then select the "buy" option. You should purchase shares of Nike on a day when Nike has lost some money, this way each share will be cheaper.



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