How To Iron Corduroy

How to iron corduroy has been a dilemma for many for a long time. It's not like you can just iron in a crease and go, like you can for most garments, corduroy is a tricky fabric. It has all of these ribs that get in the way of a normal ironing routine procedure. That definitely doesn't mean that it has to be difficult though, just different. There are a couple of ways to get it done the right way.

  1. Use the highest heat with steam. When ironing corduroy, the first way to remove the wrinkles is with an ironing board and iron just like any other garment. You are actually going to be steaming the fabric instead of ironing it. Using the highest setting of heat will give you the maximum amount of steam to come out of the iron. Just remember to be careful not to burn yourself.
  2. Lay your corduroy garment flat on the ironing board. Hold your iron over the fabric, without touching the garment, and apply steam until the corduroy is damp to the touch. This should take about twenty to thirty seconds. Let the fabric cool for just a minute.
  3. Use your hands next. After steaming a section of the garment, use the palm of your hand and rub the material flat with the grain of the ribs. Again, wait a few seconds for the fabric to cool a bit before touching it with your hands. 
  4. The other option to making your corduroy wrinkle free is to use a steam iron. If you have access to a steamer, you do not need to use an ironing board. Your garment is steamed while hanging up. The best location for this is in a doorway of your home next to an outlet. You will still only steam a section at a time until damp, then follow with rubbing the fabric with the palm of your hand along with the grain of the ribs.

It's that simple. It shouldn't take very long, maybe ten minutes or so, to get beautiful wrinkle free corduroy. If you follow these simple guidelines to ironing a tricky fabric like corduroy, you will always have successful looking clothing. Good luck!

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