How To Iron Dress Shirts

You need to keep several important things in mind when you are learning how to iron dress shirts. The ironing board and iron's sole plate need to be clean so you are not ironing dirt into the shirt. You need to use the right iron temperature for the shirt's type of fabric. You also need to make sure you are not ironing wrinkles into the shirt by ironing only one layer of fabric at a time. If you try to iron through two layers, except for on the sleeves where you have no choice, you cannot see the bottom layer and it is easy to miss small wrinkles and iron wrinkles into the fabric.

The things you need to iron a dress shirt are:

  • Ironing board
  • Iron
  • Spray starch
  • Tailor's ham (optional)

The steps to follow to iron a dress shirt are:

  1. Set the temperature on the iron according to the directions on the shirt's care label. This gives the iron time to heat up while you prepare the shirt.
  2. Spread the center back of the dress shirt over the ironing board. Turn up the collar, and smooth out any wrinkles you see in the fabric.
  3. Shake the can of spray starch, and hold it about seven inches away from the shirt. Mist a light coat of starch over the shirt.
  4. Press the iron onto the shirt, and slide it slowly over the surface. Do not let the iron rest in any one spot or the fabric can scorch.
  5. Move the shirt over, and position one front panel over the ironing board. Smooth the wrinkles out of that part, spray starch on that panel, then iron the panel. Repeat this on the other front panel.
  6. Position the collar so it sits flat on the ironing board. Spray starch on the collar and iron the collar. Flip the shirt and collar over, then starch and press the other side of the collar.
  7. Slide the tailor's ham inside of one arm in the shirt's shoulder area, if you have a tailor's ham, and smooth the shoulder seam around the ham. Starch and iron both shoulder seams.
  8. Inspect the shirt, looking for missed wrinkles, by holding it up and looking at it. If you missed any wrinkles, spread the wrinkled area on the ironing board, smooth it out, and iron it.
  9. Hang the shirt on a padded hanger to prevent wrinkling until you are ready to wear it.
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