How To Iron Jeans

Every man should know how to properly groom and style himself, so it is important to learn how to iron jeans. Fashionable jeans today do not have creases on them. They do however have crunched pockets and some are made of very stiff material. Once you get the basics down you will be able to iron any pair of jeans.

You will need:

  • Pair of jeans
  • Quality iron
  • Starch
  • Water spray bottle
  • Ironing board
  1. Place one leg of jeans flat on ironing board. The proper method to iron jeans is to take one leg at a time. If you are not creasing the jean, then lay the leg flat with the seams out to the side. Make sure you stretch the jean leg properly so that it’s flat out front and back. If you are creasing the jeans then you'll need to line up the leg with the seams so they are in a straight line together from crotch to hem.
  2. Use starch or water. If you like a stiffer denim feel, then you can spray starch on the leg evenly or if you prefer just spray the leg with a mist of water from a water bottle. In either case, make sure you do not drench the jean leg with either starch or water.
  3. Iron. Wait until the iron is hot and then press down with a good amount of pressure to iron out all the creases. How to iron jeans is to use move iron smoothly forward and backwards.
  4. Switch legs. Now that you have ironed one leg, carefully place that leg off the ironing board and lay the other leg flat. Once again stretch out the jean leg flat without a crease or line up the seams for a crease.
  5. Iron the second leg. Starch or spray water on the jean leg lightly and then iron with pressure. Take your time and apply pressure smoothly to the iron.
  6. Place half of top part of jean onto small part of point of ironing board. Carefully lift the jeans and open it up to place hip part inside of the small part of the ironing board. This is how you iron the jean front pockets. Starch then iron.
  7. Repeat with other hip pocket. Once you have the iron to one part of the front, switch. Get both sides of the front pair of jeans pressed.
  8. Turn jeans over and slip into small part of ironing board. Now you need to iron the back pockets. Slip the hip as you did before but in reverse to show pocket and starch, press and iron. Do both sides. Now you know how to iron jeans. 
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