How To Iron Polyester

Polyester fabric is made from synthetic fiber that is easy to wash and care for but knowing how to iron polyester correctly is essential. Polyester fabric can be damaged by excessive heat making proper ironing with a cool iron and pressing cloth necessary to protect the fabric and garment.

To iron Polyester, you will need:

  • Iron
  • Spray bottle filled with clean water
  • Ironing board
  • Clean pressing cloth
  1. Wipe off the iron before using it. Use a clean cloth and clear water to clean the heating surface of the iron while it is cool.
  2. Preheat the iron. Plug in the iron and set the heat at low to medium or a cool iron setting. Some irons will have a polyester setting on the dial. Let the iron heat while you prepare the garment for pressing.
  3. Basic ironing. When ironing a polyester shirt, press the sleeves first by laying them flat on the ironing. Next press the wrong side of the collar then the right side of the collar. Press the yoke next. The yoke is the panel of fabric behind the collar and between the shoulders on the back of the shirt. Press the strip of buttons from the wrong side then press the strip of button holes. Finish the shirt by pressing both front panels and the back of the shirt.
  4. Press polyester with a pressing cloth. The best pressing cloth is a non terry cloth hand or kitchen towel. Make certain the pressing cloth is clean to avoid transferring any grease or debris to your polyester fabric. There are two ways to use a pressing cloth. The first method is to wet the cloth before spreading it over your polyester garment and use it with a dry iron to create steam. The second way is to use the pressing cloth dry and spray it with a spray bottle. For the beginner, add water to the iron’s reservoir and engage the steam feature on the iron. Spread the pressing cloth over the polyester fabric and gently spray with a spray bottle. Press the area of the polyester garment. When finished ironing, hand the polyester garment immediately to avoid wrinkling and to let any wet spots dry.  Note: At no time should the iron come in direct contact with the polyester fabric. The iron should touch the pressing cloth only.

Tips/Warnings: Read the label on the garment for washing and drying instructions. Properly laundered clothing need less ironing. Check the garment label for the correct heat for ironing to avoid damaging the garment. Never hold the iron in one place for more than eight second to avoid scorching or burning the polyester garment. Excessive heat can cause shrinkage of polyester garments.

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