How To Iron Sleeves

Many people don't think it's a big deal to learn how to iron sleeves, but there is a right and wrong way to complete this fairly simple ironing task. It is particularly important to iron sleeves of dress shirts a particular way.

  1. Position the shirt on an ironing board. When you iron sleeves, stand in front of the ironing board and lay the shirt down flat in front of you (facing your direction). The sleeves should lay flat on either side of the ironing board.
  2. Adjust the creases. Make sure that the edges or creases of the shirt are flat against the ironing board when you iron sleeves. Finger the end of the sleeve to adjust it. A good crease looks nice on just about any type of shirt.
  3. Turn the iron to the correct heat setting. Look at the tag inside of the shirt to determine what type of fabric it is–then read the iron to find out the proper setting when learning how to iron sleeves.
  4. Iron the crease first.  Start with the crease when you iron sleeves and then move your way inward. Do your best to avoid creating a second crease accidentally.
  5. Iron the cuffs of the shirt sleeve. Apply heat to the cuffs of the shirt (if applicable). Work the tip of the iron around any buttons when you iron sleeves.
  6. Iron the top edge. Make sure you iron the top of the sleeve thoroughly as well (the area that connects the sleeve to the shoulder). Just lay the entire iron on that area for a few seconds to assure that it's nice and flat.



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