How To Iron A Suit

You may not think so, but it's important to know how to iron a suit sometimes. A suit is a classic representation of the put-together man: ready to go and ready for business. However, there are those people who simply wear improperly fitted ones and even those who just don't know anything about a suit. So let's brush up your old dapper informal-wear and show you just how to iron a suit with precision!

Check out this list of things you'll need:

  • A suit with at least two pieces (jacket and trousers)
  • Iron
  • Ironing board
  1. Make sure the jacket is clean! Same goes for the trousers. A ton of steam can help you get out stubborn stains, but it won't go very far if your suit is already a dirt glob. Dry cleaning is the appropriate method for this.
  2. Flip your jacket inside out. This is probably the best way to iron a suit jacket with ease. Make sure not to go over any creases by accident. Iron the inside the same way you would iron a dress shirt, and make sure to gather plenty of steam (it will get out the wrinkles).
  3. Lay the trousers down on the crease. Hopefully your jacket turned out fine, because now its on to the pants! The suit trousers won't pose as big of a problem when you iron a suit. Lay the pants down on the creases so as to avoid double-creasing (yikes!), which will make you look all the more foolish come business time.
  4. Spread the legs of the trousers, being careful not to forget any areas. Nothing looks more distasteful than half-ironed attire. If you want to do something, do it right. Your suit pants need the inseam, waist, and upper thigh-area all ironed as well.

With just a little forethought, and a whole ton of common sense, your dapper outfit will look brand new! While you iron a suit, remember that this isn't the only thing that needs to be done to make you look outstanding. Washing, grooming, accessorizing and playing it cool are all part of pulling off the suit's look.

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