How To J-Turn ON A Snowboard

Learning how to J-turn on a snowboard is a simple process. Turns are a basic tool as a snowboarder. J-turns are an easy turn that is based on pressure. Learning to do J-turns is no different from learning any other turn. J-turns are quick and easy turns to help you change direction in a hurry depending on technique and need. Learning how to do a J-turn on a snowboard is outlined below. Look at these easy to follow instructions and try them out on your own.

Teaching yourself the basic technique of a J-turn is a breeze. Try these out and then try out other turns other than the J-turn. Just employ the same basic logic. Get out on the slope and play; you'll certainly have a good time.

What you will need:

  • Snowboard
  • Bunny slope
  • Proper gear

How to do a J-turn on a snowboard:

  1. Find a nice spot on the bunny slope. Check your gear and ensure that you are properly strapped in. Understand the basic flow that the pressure by your feet will influence the flow and glide of the snowboard.
  2. Allow yourself to flow down the slope. Apply pressure on your front foot. Not too much, here is where you will need to play a bit to find your sweet spot. The snowboard will slowly begin to glide in the direction of the pressure (straight).
  3. To make the ‘J’ or turn the snowboard, twist the knee in the direction you want to turn. Keep the shoulders parallel and your knees should be slightly bent. The snowboard will glide in the direction you twisted your knee. This completes the J-turn.



Start out slow and away from the crowds. Although not always the hippest place to be, bunny slopes offer plenty of slow times to perfect the move.

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