How To Jack Off And Get Multiple Orgasms

Many men want to know how to jack off and get multiple orgasms. Achieving multiple orgasms for men is possible. The easiest way to learn to achieve multiple orgasms is through masturbation. Once you have mastered achieving multiple orgasms by jacking off then you can move on to doing so during sexual intercourse. Learning how to have multiple will also increase how long a man can last in bed.

Items needed to learn how can a man have a multiple orgasm:

  • Time to practice
  • Lubrication


  1. Understand the difference between orgasm and ejaculation. Most men assume that ejaculation and orgasm are one in the same. In reality they are two different processes. With a little practice, you can control your orgasms so that you do not always ejaculate and be able to achieve multiple orgasms when you are jacking off.
  2. Use Lubrication when you masturbate. Many men do not understand the importance of lubrication. There are even lubes on the market that will help increase your sexual pleasure during masturbation.
  3. Learn to breathe while you jack off. Focusing on your breathing helps you hold of an orgasm. It can also help you speed one up. Try masturbating and focus on breathing deeply. Usually when your breathing increases you near orgasm.
  4. Combine controlling your breathing and flexing your PC muscle during masturbation. Doing this will help you become aware of ejaculatory inevitability or the point of no return. Try masturbating slowly and focusing on your body’s reactions. This is not a process you will master over night. It will take many sessions of practicing this by yourself before you will notice results.
  5. Keep pulling back from ejaculation. Once you have mastered pulling back from ejaculation and still reaching an orgasm, keep doing it. Each time you do this you increase your chance of achieving a multiple orgasm.