How To Jackhammer

Need to know how to Jackhammer? The Jackhammer has to be one of the most difficult dance moves to learn in breakdancing, or any dancing. Picture a b-boy balancing and hopping around on one hand and you may be able to form a picture of what a Jackhammer really is. Chris Brown probably has a hard time pulling off a Jackhammer. Now, more so then ever, it is necessary for you to learn a few easier maneuvers before you can graduate to the Jackhammer. So, if you can't Turtle, don't bother trying to learn the Jackhammer. If you can't perform Crickets, then don't attempt a Jackhammer. It would also be wise for you to be able to perform a decent Handglide move too, or you'll end up in a hospital. If, however, you can perform Turtles and Crickets and Handglides well and you don't mind failing (maybe for a while), you can embark on the journey that is learning to Jackhammer.

  1. The Turtle maneuver is the grandfather of the Jackhammer. It's a breakdancing balancing act where the dancer balances his entire body on his two arms, putting all of his weight on his wrists and the palms of his hands. His legs act as balancing tools as well. People that have mastered the Turtle can even walk on their hands in this position. Yeah, the Turtle is difficult enough, but you need to learn it before you can go any further.
  2. The Handglide takes the Turtle one step further. No, you won't actually be flying. Though, you shouldn't put it past them. Some innovative b-boy may figure out the secret to flight one day. No, a Handglide is spinning on one hand, and pushing with the other while in the Turtle position.
  3. The Cricket, a baby cousin to the Jackhammer, takes it one step further. The b-boy that can Cricket can hop on two hands. After you've figured these three moves out, you can move on and try to learn the Jackhammer.
  4. Get into the Turtle position by laying on your stomach. Lift your torso and bring your elbows together to form a V-shape. Rest your "V" against your torso between your waist and hips and your belly button. Plant your palms on the ground and spread your fingers. Lean forward and put all of your weight on your palms and wrists. Bring your legs to a crouching position, and pull them close to your torso. Use them to balance.
  5. Choose a hand to spin with. Start to do a Handglide maneuver. Push with one hand and spin on the other. Now, while spinning it's time to inject a little Cricket into the mix. You'll need to shift your weight over to the balancing hand. Use your legs to help stabilize the transition of your weight. Now, bounce on one hand while spinning. Yeah, this is a very hard move. Using your legs like mini wings may help keep you balanced. And that's the Jackhammer.
  6. It's not easy. You need a very strong core to even attempt this maneuver. If you have weak shoulders and arms or a saggy midsection, you're just not going to be able to pull this move off. But mastering the Turtle and progressing into the Handglide and eventually working your way to the Cricket is the only way to get to Jackhammer status. The plans have been laid out in front of you. It's up to you to get the desired result.
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