How To Jerk Dance Step By Step

Knowing how to jerk dance step by step has four basic components to it. The first is the Jerk step, the second is the Reject step, the third is the Pindrop step and the fourth is the Dip step. You must learn how to do all of these steps to properly jerk dance step by step. Once you learn all of these jerk dance moves step by step, you will be able to mix them up any way you want while you are doing your different dance moves.

To jerk dance step by step, you will need:

  • An open area to do your dance moves
  • Tennis shoes or comfortable shoes to wear
  1. The Reject Step. The first jerk dance step by step move is the Reject step, which consists of beginning with your feet side by side, lifting one of your feet up in the air and then kicking it out behind you as you jump in place. Once it is out behind you, you are basically going to switch positions with the other foot that is on the ground. So the foot that is in the air will drop to the ground and the other foot will be raised in the air and then be kicked to the back in the air. Repeat this process over and over again for the Reject step in the jerk dance step by step moves.
  2. The Dip. This second jerk dance step by step move is relatively simple and fun. The Dip consists of standing with your feet side by side, dipping down and then standing and throwing one foot out in front of you, balancing on your heel, and another foot behind you, balancing on your toes. Then jump back with your feet side by side, dip again and switch the position of the feet from the front and the back. Then move your feet beside each other again and throw your feet out to the side. Variations and spice can be added here, where you can spin, kick your legs diagonally or whatever you are feeling. Just make sure you dip between each move.
  3. The Jerk. Despite being the name for all of these moves, this third jerk dance step by step dance move is one of the easiest and oddest. Start with your feet about a foot apart with your knees slightly bent. Slowly bend down, leaning from side to side drawing your knees closer together and then when you get low enough bring then back apart as you begin to stand up. Practice doing this jerk dance step by step until you can do it as fast as possible over and over again.
  4. The Pindrop. This is undoubtedly the hardest step in the jerk dance step by step moves. Standing up staight on one leg, bring one foot behind your knee sticking out to the side. Then, when you feel comfortable, fall to the side that foot is pointing so you land on it and your other foot almost lays flat on the ground. Then you are going to spin with the foot on the ground clockwise back up, so you are in the same standing position. This jerk dance step by step move is difficult and could cause injury, so make sure you are comfortable before you try it.
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