How To Join The Better Business Bureau

Have a business want to know how to join the better business bureau?  Becoming a member of the Better Business Bureau is a great way to ensure your business has a solid reputation. The BBB (Better Business Bureau) is a national organization that has local offices nationwide. The guidelines at each location may differ slightly. However, these are some basic steps to help you become a member of your local chapter.

Things you need to become a member of the better business bureau.

  • Fees
  • Business license
  • References
  1. Know the BBB standards in place before you join the better business bureau. It is important that your business have strong ties in your vicinity. BBB requires at least one year in business in your area, but this might differ in some location. Therefore, check the requirements in your local area first. The organization also requires members to pass a background check.
  2. Supply detail information about your business. To join the better business bureau, you have to prove that you have all the applicable licensing, and bonding requirements in your city, county, state and Federal.  Additional documents normally requested includes contact information, bank references, employment history as well other business reference.
  3. Locate your local Better Business Bureau office. Visit the Better Business Bureau website, and locate the closest BBB office near you. Do this by searching with your zip code, or city and state. The system will populate the locale closest to you.
  4. Check to see if you can apply online. Some offices offer online application. Call your local BBB office and request membership information and application. Complete the application and submit the application with any additional documents requested and pay the fees requested. Membership fees average approximately $400, but the amount really depends on your location.
  5. Wait for approval or denial of better business application. Give them time to process your application. If after a couple of weeks no response, call the office to check the status of your application.

 Attaining better business bureau membership is an asset for your business. Since, it signifies to your customers that you have a solid reputation, and you value your customers.

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