How To Join A Bobsled Team

If you are a bobsled enthusiast ready to get serious about the sport, learn how to join a bobsled team. If you're serious about joining a bobsled team, then you'll need to have access to a bobsled run. Unfortunately, only two places in the United States have a functioning bobsled track: Lake Placid, New York, and Park City, Utah.

  1. Join a bobsled team in Lake Placid, New York. The Mount Van Hoevenberg Olympic Bobsled Run is in Lake Placid, New York, and it's used regularly by the Whiteface Lake Placid group. Most of the bobsledding done there is by tourists, but local groups do get together to practice on a regular basis. Joining one of these groups is fairly easy; just ask at the front desk at Whiteface. You can even start a new one by advertising there among the other bobsledders that buy season passes to the park.
  2. Opt to bobsled in Park City, Utah, and joining a team is quite easy. The other bobsled track in the United States is Park City's Utah Olympic Park. Again, most bobsledding done there is by tourists, but local groups do form that get together on a regular basis for bobsled practicing. Like Whiteface, you can reach these groups simply by inquiring at the front desk of the park, or even start a new team by advertising for experienced (or even non-experienced) bobsled riders.
  3. Take your love for bobsledding a step further by joining a competitive team. Recreational teams are very different from competitive bobsled racing. If you're really serious about the sport, you'll need to contact the United States Bobsled Skeleton Federation (USBSF). You need to be very physically fit and have the stature they require for bobsled team members (from 5'6'' to 6'3'' a 150-240 lbs.), but if you fit the bill you have a chance to join the Olympic team. 
  4. If you're north of the border, you can still join a Canadian bobsled team. Canada actively recruits young athletes from other sports to switch over into Bobsleigh (the Canadian term for the sport). Recruitment ID camps are regularly held in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Vancouver, and Halifax; by participating in a one of these recruitment ID camps, you will be basically be trying out for the team. Ability is important in this phase, but motivation is also highly prized. Assuming you qualify, you will be invited to attend the National Development Program Training Camp in Calgary. There you will learn the basics of bobsleigh, including how to push and take care of a bobsled and how to prepare for a race. Depending on how well you perform, you may be asked to come back for the National Team Selection races, and from there you may qualify for the National Team in Bobsleigh.
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