How To Join Keith Urban Fan Club

Who wouldn’t want to learn how to  join the Keith Urban fan club? As a member of Monkeyville, Keith Urban’s official fan club, you get meet and greet opportunities, access to exclusive galleries of the man himself and the ability to connect with thousands of other Urban fans.

All you need to join Keith Urban’s fan club is:

  • Computer
  • Internet access
  • E-mail address
  • Credit card
  1. Turn your computer on. After your computer is done loading access the internet and type in, to go to Keith Urban’s official website. The main page will display up-to-date news, recent videos and a jukebox.
  2. Click on Monkeyville. At the top of the main page several tabs are displayed. Among them are "Tour", "Media", "Connect" and "Monkeyville". Click “Monkeyville.”
  3. Click on any banner. After clicking on "Monkeyville" five banners will appear. These banners present exclusive services and merchandise available only to members of Keith Urban’s fan club, Monkeyville.
  4. Choose to sign-up. Sign up to be a part of Keith Urban’s official fan club by filling out all the information on the account “Creation Page”.  This page asks for information such as your name, address, and desired user name. After filling this section out click “Send”.
  5. Enter billing information. Once you’ve finished entering all your personal information the billing page will ask for a credit card that will be charged $25 for a year of membership to the official fan club.

Upon completing your information to the Keith Urban official fan club, Monkeyville, you’ll be able to access all the exclusive benefits. Access these same benefits at a later time by simple going to and choosing to log-in using the user name and password you set-up during registration.



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