How To Join Sex Addiction Anonymous

If you think that you have issues regarding wanting too much sex, you may need to know how to join Sex Addiction Anonymous. It can be a scary step to take, especially if you don't have much information or experience with 12-step programs. Sex Addiction Anonymous functions much in the way that Alcohol and Gambling Anonymous does. It just happens to be a different addiction. To join Sex Addiction Anonymous, you just have to find locations and go. There is nothing to sign up for.

  1. Find a Sex Addiction Anonymous meeting near you. Search for a sex addiction help group on your favorite web search engine. If you don't have internet access, look in your local phone book.
  2. Go to a meeting. There are usually meetings throughout the day, particularly during the evening. Make sure that you are on time. Listen and pay attention in the meeting.
  3. Continue to go to meetings at Sex Addiction Anonymous. As the basis of the program is that it's totally anonymous, you will not be signing up for anything and do not even need to use your real name. However, you will likely want and need to work on the steps. Perhaps find a mentor in the program that can help you work through them.
  4. Create a schedule of meetings and stick to it. This is just for yourself. To really take advantage of being in sex addiction anonymous, you must go to the meetings regularly. Going just once a week or once every two weeks is not a true commitment to the program.
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