How To Join TI Fan Club

Slate your hunger for all things TI with these steps for how to join a TI fan club. Fan clubs have been a way for fans to keep up with the latest news about their favorite artists since the 1950's. It's also a way for the artist to give something back to their fans. Joining the TI fan club gives you the scoop on the latest TI news and allows access to exclusive music, videos, forums and blogs. The TI fan club also gives members access to limited edition ringtones and wall paper.  If you feel the need to be in touch with every aspect of TI, you can be a part of the fan club in just a few clicks.

Things you need to join the TI fan club:

Computer with an Internet connection

  1. Go to the TI official web site. Click on the "Sign Up" tab at the top right hand corner of the screen. This will take you to the forms that you need to become a member of the TI fan club.
  2.  Fill out the membership form. The membership form will ask you for your email address and to create a password. You will also need to enter your birth date and agree to the terms and conditions of TI fan club membership. After you have filled out the membership form click the "Sign Up" button on the bottom of the screen.
  3. Create your profile. After you click the "Sign Up" button, you will be taken to a page to create your TI fan club profile. Enter your full name, gender and country and the city and state. Then  click the "Join" button on the bottom of the screen. 
  4. Add your information to your TI fan club membership page. After you click the join button you will be taken back to the TI membership page. At the top of the page you will see a welcome message confirming your membership. This page will show you the steps needed to upload pictures to your membership page, send e-mails to other TI fans and invite other TI fans to join. 
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