How To Join Xbox Live

Want to know how to join Xbox Live? Xbox Live is a new way of connecting with friends through the Xbox Console or windows messenger. Xbox Live on the Xbox 360 Console allows you to video chat with friends, play games together, download free demos, purchase games directly from the Xbox game marketplace, and more. The most direct way to sign up for Xbox Live, is through an Xbox 360 Console.  

Connecting through your console. Connecting to Xbox Live through your console is the most direct, and fastest way of doing so. If you have a new console, the Xbox 360 will automatically walk you through the process when you turn it on. However, if you are joining Xbox Live on an Xbox that has been used previously, you will have to set up a Live account manually.

  1. Create your Profile. Highlight "Sign In" window on the "My Xbox" tab of the Xbox Dashboard and press the "A" button. Highlight and select "Create Profile." The Console will then open a new window. This window will walk you through creating your profile. Information the console asks consists of a Username, and creating an Avatar, which is a virtual representation of you.  
  2. Join Xbox Live. After the previous step is complete, you will be returned to the Xbox Dashboard. Scroll up one tab to "Xbox Live." The first window in that tab will say "Join Xbox Live for Free," press "A" when this window is highlighted. After confirming that you wish to join Xbox Live, a window will as you if you wish to exit your current game session to continue. Select "Yes." Another window will come up to ask you information such as your first name, your email address, password, a security question in case you forget your password, your date of birth, and will ask you to accept the "Terms of Use."  
  3. Customize your "Gamertag." The Xbox Console will give you a default Gamertag after signing up. Your Gamertag is what other players online will see as your name. Return to the "My Xbox" tab on the dashboard, highlight, and select the "Sign In" window that has your avatar standing in it. Scroll down to, and select "Change Gamertag." When you choose your Gamertag, choose something clever that you wont forget, and choose wisely; if you end up not liking your Gamertag, it will cost you 800 Microsoft Points to change it again.


  • The first month of Xbox Live is free to everyone, but if you wish to continue using Xbox Live, you will have to either buy an Xbox Live card from a retail store, or purchase your membership through the Xbox Console with a credit card. 



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