How to Juggle a Football

Learning how to juggle a football is not a prerequisite for joining the circus. Juggling a football is a drill that helps to develop your foot-eye coordination, but more importantly, it develops your overall ability to control a soccer ball. Yes, yes although the term is called "juggling a football," the drill does pertain to soccer. Of course, soccer has some of the greatest athletes in sports, but all the football juggling skills in the world doesn't rescue the FIFA from being one of the most boring athletic tournaments in history. Well, at least the guys are skilled. We can't turn you into Beckham, but we can show you how to juggle a football.

Things you'll need:

  • Football/soccer ball
  • Proper footwear
  1. What it is. Juggling a football consists of a player bouncing the soccer ball from one foot to the next without the ball touching the ground. Pro players make this look very easy. The fact is, without learning the fundamentals of juggling a football, this can be a very difficult task. Ball placement and timing are the keys for a successful session of football juggling. 
  2. Starting out. Before trying to juggle the football between both feet, learn to bounce the ball off one foot. The trick is to bounce the soccer ball on the bridge of your foot. Bounce it right where the slope of the bridge of your foot meets your toes. Drop the ball down and kick your leg out so the ball hits that sweet spot. It'll cause the ball to bounce up towards your leg. Time it so when the ball is ascending, you're pulling your leg back. The bridge of your foot should return to meet the ball just as the ball returns to foot level for all subsequent bounces. After you get used to bouncing the ball on one foot, you can move on to two feet.
  3. Two feet. Juggling a football between two legs is all about the timing. Instead of timing for that same leg to meet the ball again, simply kick up in the same fashion with your alternate leg. It'll look like you're running in place. In order for the ball to bounce back and forth between your two legs, you need to strike the ball with the inside of your feet. You want to hit the ball at the bridge of your foot just like before, but you want to angle your feet so that the ball meets the part of your foot's bridge closer to your big toe. With a little practice you'll get it in no time.
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