How to Juke in Football

This is how to juke in football. But first lets explain what a juke is. If you are running with a football, and a defender is in front of you and will attempt to tackle you, a juke is a sudden movement to throw him off balance as you run past him with ease, while doing your best to avoid physical contact. Jukes are especially useful for running backs, but can be used by wide receivers, full backs, quarterbacks, and even the defense after getting a turn over.  The items you will need to perform a juke are

  • A football
  • A defender
  • Agility
  1. The first thing above all when performing a juke is spot your defender. You must be able to tell where he is, what angle he is pursuing you at, and how fast he is closing in. By doing this you should be able to time your juke better and choose which juke will be best suited for the situation.
  2. The second tip for learning how to juke we can give is work on your speed. You need to work on being able to adjust your speed in a seconds notice. For example you need to run as fast as you can, slow down in a split second, and return to top speed. If you attempt to gradually slow down your defender will see it coming and will be able to read your direction.
  3. The third thing when juking is making a quick sudden movement in one direction, then go the other. This is the actual juke move. By doing this you are trying to make the defender think you are committing to your first direction, then going in your second direction which if performed correctly, should be wide open.
  4. These are different types of jukes in football. The stutter steps are when you greatly slow down, but keep your legs moving. The defensive back will think he has an open tackle, you will then dart out in the open space. The second juke is a plant and go. This is where you throw your right leg out to make it look like you are going right, then quickly adjusting left. The third is the spin move. The spin move is simple and maybe the easiest. This is when you get to the defender you quickly spin.

Those are tips on how to juke effectively. By doing these you will be better at juking and will actually avoid more contact then you would usually receive.

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