How To Jump A BMX Bike

Learning how to jump a BMX bike is a great way to get further involved in the sport. Jumping a BMX box is a big part of the overall activity with the sport and is one of the main cycles of tricks for a BMX rider. Learning to jump a BMX bike is a matter of training and understanding the mechanics. Jumping on a BMX bike opens many doors to awesome tricks and stunts. Where to jump a BMX bike varies based on the type of jump. This article will take a look at basic ramp jumps and the process to perform such jumps on a BMX bike.

What you will need to jump a BMX bike:

  • BMX bike
  • BMX gear
  • Ramp
  1. Put on your gear, this is very important to maintain your safety. Warm up some by riding your bike around. Once you are ready, position yourself back from the ramp.
  2. Stand and peddle the BMX towards the ramp. When your front tire hits the ramp, bend slightly at the knees. Just as your front tire is about to exit the ramp pull up on the handlebars to jump a BMX bike.
  3. Straighten your body and pull up slightly on the peddles (your feet). The front of the BMX will be higher then the rest of the BMX. Keep your head up and forward. Land on the rear tire and let the front down easily.

Tip: Start out with smaller ramps and progress to larger ones when learning to jump a BMX bike. Eventually, you will hit the pipes and then you will be well on your way.

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