How To Jump On A Dirt Bike

A common question among many new dirt bike riders is how to jump on a dirt bike. Something that everyone amateur dirt biker should know is that this performing a jump on a dirt bike can be a dangerous endeavor if not done correctly, so make sure to have someone who is skilled at it  show you in real life how to do a correct dirt bike jump.

What you will need:

  • A dirt bike
  • An open area with big ramps for practice
  • A helmet
  • Other protective gear such as elbow pads, etc.
  • An experienced rider
  1. Start by having the experienced rider do a few jumps while you watch and pay close attention.  By watching their form it will give you a good idea. Be sure to keep a good look on where they hit the ramp as many dirt ramps can be uneven, and experienced riders have learned where to hit ramps for a dirt bike jump.
  2. Next get a good distance away from the target ramp on your dirt bike. You should be far enough away that you can get a good jump, but not far enough away that you will be at full speed as this could make you lose control on your first dirt bike jump.
  3. Next, get up to a comfortable speed that you will get you up the ramp. Don’t start off to fast because this is your first jump and something could easily go wrong. Make sure to aim for the spot on the ramp you established earlier.
  4. Now the next step is going to come when you hit the ramp. Make sure to maintain your balance before and while on the ramp. Starting to go up a hill that steep could quite possibly throw off your balance and if you’re not careful, cause you to fall.
  5. While your in the air, look out for where you are going to land. Make sure there are no hazards present in that area. If there are hazards in the area you’re aiming for, then the only thing you can really do is brace yourself for impact!
  6. When you land, once again make sure to maintain your balance. Do it the same way you did on the ramp making sure to centralize your balance and not fall!
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