How To Jump Higher For BMX Tricks

BMX tricks are a great way to entertain and learning how to jump higher will make your BMX tricks that much more spectacular. Learning to jump higher on a BMX is a matter of mechanics. Higher jumps can also be achieved by BMX bike modifications as well as targeting the right jump. This article will look at a few ways to improve the height of your BMX jump. Tricks on a BMX can be spectacular, add some height and your BMX tricks will increase in intensity. Try these recommendations to improve your BMX jump height.

Things you will need:

  • Freelance BMX bike
  • BMX gear
  • Half pipe
  • Ramp
  1. Learning how to jump higher in a BMX bike encompasses mechanics, props and alterations. First, consider your mechanics. Jumps involve the use of the legs and arms to establish a take off. Pushing off with bent knees and a stable body position is proper.
  2. Half pipe and ramps can assist in making you jump higher on a BMX. The use of a ramp or half-pipe will place the BMX rider to jump higher. The ramp and half pipe are the catalyst to multiple tricks. These ramps or props will generate allot of air.
  3. Modification to the BMX bike to make it lighter will also aide in jumping higher. Cutting down the handlebars, seat and reducing unnecessary components will make the bike lighter. Also, consider the tires. Kevlar walled tires are lighter than general BMX tires. Finally, consider employing composite parts to lighten the load..



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