How To Jump Motocross

If you are truly serious about competing, it is vital that you learn how to jump motocross. Nothing is quite like the adrenaline-pumping buzz of jumping motocross, even by extreme sports standards. When you finally conquer jumping, you can go on to more daring, advanced motocross tricks. For a new rider, learning how to jump takes many hours of dedicated practice and intuition; however, if you’ll heed these handy hints, you will be riding the air with the best of them.

Things you'll need:

  • Motorcycle
  • Table top or homemade ramp
  • Helmet and goggles
  • Knee and elbow guards
  • Boots
  • Belt
  • Jersey
  • Gloves
  • Riding pants
  • Body armor
  • Confidence
  1. Start small. When you first learn how to jump motocross, unless you are extremely lucky, you are going to bite it a few times. You want to start with small table top jumps before trying the long ramps. Practice jumping motocross on smaller objects will prevent you from coming up short or overshooting; additionally, they don’t have to have a huge, steep lead-off. Just keep your body loose and your mind focused.
  2. See your target and get into position. Gauge your speed as you’re towards your target. Halfway up, you should be in a crouched forward position until you hit the air. Squeeze the bike’s seat tightly with your legs, but keep your knees bent.
  3. Punch the throttle. As you go over the lip, approach the jump with a lot of speed. Let your motocross bike do most of the work. It should lift up underneath you. By now, you should be in a standing position.
  4. Pull in the clutch. When learning how to jump motocross, one of the most important things you need to know is how to keep your bike angled in the air so you will land correctly. While pulling the clutch, hit the rear brakes; this keeps the front wheel down. If it tips forward, let go of the clutch and hit the throttle. This will again bring the front wheel back up.
  5. Find your center. When you jump motocross and you’re in the air, you want to find your body’s center of gravity. Move back and forward while in the air. The idea is to take the load off your spine as you hit the ground.
  6. Get ready to land. Just before landing, lean forward so that your quads absorb most of the shock. Give a shot to the throttle just as your bike touches down. By engaging the throttle, it throws your bike into a forward movement, rather than downward. Letting the bike soak up the impact will propel you to go forward when you land, giving you a lesser chance to bottom out.
  7. Just ride. If you find you aren’t quite ready to learn how to jump motocross, just get out there and enjoy riding. Soon you will become bored and will begin pushing your limits; it’s only human nature. Jump small dirt piles. Once you gain confidence with small spaces of air, the little jumps will become big motocross jumps. However, be safe. There is no one timing you or keeping score when you are learning how to jump motocross.
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