How To Jump A Mountain Bike

Learning how to jump a mountain bike isn't that difficult. Jumping your mountain bike just takes a little coordination, and some dedication to practicing. It's like any other task you attempt, you have to crawl before you walk. The same goes with jumping a mountain bike. You have to learn the mechanics behind jumping the mountain bike before you can actually perform a decent jump. So, first things first. Let's learn the mechanics to jumping a mountain bike. Once you've understood those basic moves, you can throw them together and actually get some air time with your mountain bike. Here's how to jump a mountain bike. By the way, always wear your protective gear.

  1. Improving on your balance. Yes, you have to develop better balance on your bike in order to pull off a jump with your mountain bike. Now your probably saying to yourself "my balance is fine, I already know how to ride a bike". Well riding a bike and jumping a mountain bike are two different things. When you ride a bike you're simply balancing yourself on the bike frame from a seated position. When you jump a mountain bike, you're going to have to stand up on the bike which totally changes the dynamics of your little balancing act. So, your first step, gentleman, is to practice balancing while standing on your bike. And by standing of course we mean elevating your body off of the seat. Your feet will still be firmly planted on the pedals. Once you can ride while standing we can move on to the next step.
  2. Pulling off a simple wheelie while standing. The next step in your goal of jumping a mountain bike is to be able to pull a simple wheelie while in an elevated position on the bike. This involves you pulling the front of the bike off the ground. It's not as hard as it sounds. Thank goodness you're wearing your helmet right? Seriously, it just takes a little practice. Pull the handle bars towards your chest while leaning back to counterbalance the elevated wheel. In essence you'll be balancing everything on that back wheel. You'll have to get a feel for it. Remember, everything takes a little time and practice to master.
  3. Finally, the jump. If you can pull off a decent wheelie on the mountain bike, you're ready to attempt the jump. The jump is really nothing more than pulling the bike off the ground while you're in an elevated position. So, in order to pull off the jump you need to do these moves in succession. In one fluid motion. While riding forward in a sitting position, build up some speed. Once you get to the desired momentum, quickly raise up off of your seat. Simultaneously pull the bike up with you. If you do it right, you'll go airborne. Be careful not to lose your balance during all of this. What goes up must come down at some point and it would be better if you didn't come down on your head. Practice and be careful
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