How To Jump Rope

Learning how to jump rope will give you an intense heart pumping workout that can be done any where there is open space. Jump in your driveway alone if you are brave. Grab a kid to jump with if you are not.  Even if you haven't picked up a rope since grade school, you can learn how to jump rope and jump away the jiggle.

To Jump Rope you will need:

  • A Jump Rope, beaded, plastic speed rope, or heavy cotton
  • Cross training shoes, or other athletic shoe that offers support
  • Room to Jump, outside, or inside with a high ceiling
  1. Warming up before learning how to jump rope is important. This workout is not for sissies, do not underestimate the strength and stamina of those elementary school girls smugly jumping and singing. March or jog in place for five minutes to get the heart pumping.
  2. Size your jump rope to your body before learning how to jump rope for maximum results. Stand in the center of the rope and pull the ends up to your armpits. Adjust your rope to fit your body, either by removing beads, or adjusting the rope in the handle.
  3. Stand with the rope behind your feet. Now swing the rope overhead and jump over it when it lands in front of you. Swing it again, jump, swing and repeat for as long as you do without stumbling. This is a single jump.
  4. Hopping once while waiting for the rope to come back around is easier for some people. This double jump helps keep the pace even. 
  5. Stand erect with your head looking straight ahead.  This simple tip will be the difference between successfully learning how to jump rope and toppling over. Good form is much more important than speed. So be sure to keep your body upright and relaxed.
  6. Travel with the rope, literally and figuratively. Not only can you toss a jump rope in your car, so you can squeeze a quick workout into your day. But it is also a good way to learn how to jump rope in and of itself. Really allow yourself lots of room to jump. Jumping while moving around is more fun than standing in one place and you can try a jogging step.

Learning how to jump rope works muscles from head to toe, increases stamina, agility, balance and coordination. Give the rope a chance. It can change your life, or at least change your fitness level. 

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