How to Jump Start a BMW

Knowing how to jump start a BMW is no different than knowing how to jump start most cars. Every guy should know how to jump start a BMW, and luckily it is an easy thing to learn. Before you can jump start your BMW, however, you will need to gather some supplies.

To jump start a BMW, you will need:

  • Your BMW
  • Another running car
  • Jumper cables
  1. Park the working car near the BMW. The first step in jump starting a BMW is parking the working car next to the BMW. You want the hoods of the cars to be close to each other to make sure your jumper cables will be able to span the gap. Once the working car is parked, turn it off.
  2. Lift the hoods of both cars. To jump start your BMW you need to lift the hoods of both cars. Once the hoods are lifted, locate the batteries in each car.
  3. Attach the jumper cables. For safety, the jumper cables have to be attached to both cars in specific places in a specific order. First, attach a red clamp to the positive end of the BMW battery. Then attach the other red end to the positive end of the working car's battery. Next attach a black clamp to the negative end of the working car's battery. Finally, attach the other black clamp to the negative end of the BMW battery.
  4. Start the working car. Once the cables are attached, start the working car. When it is started, rev the engine slightly to provide some extra juice. Let the car run for about a minute before starting the BMW.
  5. Start the BMW. Once the working car has been running for around a minute, start the BMW. It should start without a problem.
  6. Remove the cables. When you have successfully jump started your BMW, remove the jumper cables. Remove them in the opposite order that you attached them. Once the cables are removed, close the hoods and you are good to go. Keep the BMW running for another twenty minutes to ensure that it has enough of a charge to start up again after it has been shut off. You now know all you need to jump start a BMW on your own!



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