How To Jump On A Wakeboard

Hitting the water with your wakeboard can be lots of fun, especially when you learn how to jump on a wakeboard. As far as wakeboarding is concerned, you must know how to jump well in order to do most wakeboarding tricks. Once you know the basics of getting on your board and riding it without falling off, then it's time to move on to learning how to jump on a wakeboard.

To perform jumps on your wakeboard, you will need:

  • A wakeboard
  • A pulling rope
  • A boat
  • A waterproof outfit
  • A lifevest
  1. Always start on the outside edge of the wake. You want to move slowly toward the wake. Cut toward the wake and keep the tension on the rope tight. Don't cut toward the wake too quickly or the rope tension will be too loose.
  2. Keep your knees lowered and unlocked as you move closer and closer to the wake. As you get closer to the wake, place more weight on your heels. Make sure the rope tension is tight.
  3. As you hit the wake, stand up. Some experts say to pull up, while others say to simply straighten out the knees. Try both methods to see what works best for you. This often depends on your height and body build. If the rope tension is too loose or you cut too quickly toward the wake, make another pass and try again.
  4. Practice, practice, practice. Learning how to jump on a wakeboard is no different than doing tricks on your BMX bike or snowboard. It just takes time and effort.

The thrill of a lot of outdoor sports is getting some air. Performing jumps on your wakeboard can seem difficult in the beginning, but after you practice a few times, you will enjoy the feel of the air as it rushes across your face while you are twenty feet high in the air.

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