How To Justify Buying A Ferrari

Many car buyers want to know how to justify buying a Ferrari. In the end, the choice will depend on the amount of cash you have to spend, and whether a Ferrari is the right kind of vehicle for you. If you can negotiate a good price when buying a Ferrari, that will make your decision a lot easier. Before you buy, do some research online to find out what the particular Ferrari you want is worth. You will also need to line up the financing in advance, to make sure you can justify buying a Ferrari.

  1. Before you go to the Ferrari dealership, search for a website that has car values. If you are buying a brand new Ferrari, look for the Dealer Invoice price. This is what the car dealer paid to obtain the Ferrari from the manufacturer. You will also see a MSRP price, which is the suggested retail price the dealer will try and sell the car for. To justify buying a Ferrari, you want to try and get as close to the invoice price as possible.
  2. If you are buying a used Ferrari, there are several prices you will see online. Usually, an online valuation source has the retail value and several trade-in values that depend on the condition of the car. Punch in the specific information on the Ferrari you want to buy, including the mileage. You may be able to justify buying a Ferrari if you can get the car for under the retail value.
  3. Contact a bank to arrange financing on the Ferrari. Tell the loan officer you are interested in buying a Ferrari, and complete a loan application. Find out the interest rate and how many years the car can be financed for. Ask the loan officer the amount of money you must put down, which will help you decide on the model to buy. If the payment is one you can afford, tell the lender you will be in touch once you negotiate the price of the Ferrari.
  4. Go to the Ferrari dealership and find the model you want. The salesman knows how much fun driving a Ferrari can be, so he will try and get you to pay top dollar for the car. Since you know what the value is based on your online research, use that to your advantage. Negotiate the price until you feel you can justify buying a Ferrari.
  5. See if the Ferrari dealer can give you a better financing rate than your lender. Many times, there are rebates or low-rate incentives being offered that can justify your purchase. Just as you negotiated the price of the car, you can also haggle on the financing. Tell the dealer what rate your loan officer has, and see if he can beat it. Choose the lending source that offers you the most favorable terms, and then your Ferrari purchase will be justified.
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