How To Kayak In Waves

Learn how to kayak in waves before you set out on your first sea kayaking tour. Sea kayaking provides an excellent workout, but the trick is to battle waves and put distance between your boat and the shore. Use these steps to have a successful adventure while learning how to kayak in waves.

To learn how to kayak in waves, you will need:

  • sea kayak
  • curve bladed paddle designed for sea kayaking
  • life jacket
  1. Put on your life jacket. Always wear a life jacket when kayaking to prevent drowning.
  2. Bring kayak to the water’s edge. Just after a wave passes push it into the water far enough that it won’t drag on the sand. It is important to do this step between breaks because the momentum of the under current can help launch you from the beach.
  3. Immediately begin paddling away from the shore. Begin fast, but slow your paddling as you enter deep water. This is the most difficult step when learning how to paddle through waves. Once you understand the momentum needed to get away from the shore, it will become a natural part of your kayaking experience.
  4. When learning how to paddle through waves, it is important to know how to use your paddle properly. Using your curved bladed paddle, make sure the blades enter the water at a 90 degree angle every time. This will most efficiently utilize your energy.
  5. Paddle directly through large waves to get past the beak zone.
  6. Continue paddling hard through the waves to keep your forward momentum into the ocean. You want to avoid being sucked back towards the beach.
  7. Once away from the beach, maintain a steady rhythm when paddling. Try to avoid peeks and lulls in your speed. Having a continuous rhythm is important for sustaining your endurance when learning how to paddle through waves.


Sea Kayaking Basics

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