How To Keep A Beer Keg Cold

If you don't know how to keep a beer keg cold, you can end up with some very unhappy drinkers if you are hosting a party. Draft beer is best served at temperatures no higher than 38 degrees Fahrenheit. The colder, the better! The temperature of the beer is probably the most important part of keeping the beer tasting good. Beer that has gotten warm can grow bacteria and end up foamy with a sour taste. Avoid this at all costs!

  1. Store in a cold place. Provide a proper place for the beer keg to be kept cold. The optimal storage place for a beer keg is in a place where the temperature does not vary, such as a kegerator. Even walk-in coolers may have temperature variance due to the fact that people are walking in and out of the cooler.
  2. Cool the beer keg entirely. The beer keg should be cooled entirely, from top to bottom. This is one reason that kegerators are so effective. If the beer keg is placed in a tub of ice instead of a kegerator, be sure to cover the top of the beer keg with ice as well as submerging the rest of the beer keg.
  3. Check the temperature of the beer keg. No matter what type of thermometer you use, be sure to check the temperature of the beer itself. Walk-in coolers, tubs of ice and other means of cooling that are not kept at a constant temperature are bound to affect the temperature of the beer itself. Do not measure the temperature of whatever is holding the beer keg, as this will not give you an accurate assessment of the temperature of the beer. Instead, pour a bit of the keg beer in a glass and immediately take the temperature of the beer itself.
  4. Adjust as needed. If the beer temperature seems to be rising, add more ice or lower the temperature of the storage unit. Remember, you can never have the beer too cold in liquid form!
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