How To Keep Bees Away From Picnic

It's been awhile sing Yogi Bear has ruined a picnic, but knowing how to keep bees away from a picnic is essential for a succesful outing. Here are a few simple ways to keep bees away from your picnic baskets.

  1. Disperse four or five cloves on the table. Bees hate the smell and should  stay away while your eating.
  2. Remove the label from a bottle and put a few inches of flat soda in it. Put the bee bottle in the general location of the seating area but away from the guest to attract the bees from the picnic area.
  3. Buy a few toilet bowl cleaner used on the rim of toilets. Adhere them to the bottom of your picnic table, patio furniture and BBQ grill. Pull the wrapper open slightly and the scent will repel the bees.
  4. Place pots of marigolds on the picnic table as a centerpiece. They are not only pretty but  also naturally repel bees and other bugs.  If you have a fear of spiders try another method. Marigolds keep bugs away but draw snails and spider mites.
  5. Make a picture of sugar water and place it away from the eating area. It will not get rid of all bees but will distract most.
  6. Keep everything covered. Keep the trash can covered and use lidded cups for sweet beverages. Bees love sweets, so you may want to cover plates of BBQ as well.
  7. Stay low key. Don't use brightly colored tablecloths, or floral prints for decoration. Wearing light colored clothing is also a good idea.
  8. Don't wear cologne! Enough said.
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