How To Keep Cats Away

Learn how to keep cats away naturally and easily in this article. There are stray cats, and then there are feral cats.  A  stray cat is described as someone’s lost animal, and a feral cat is one that has lived on the outside all their life and is not adoptable. These cats find any place to rest and eat, and in some cases cause problems. Keeping cats away takes a little planning, but it can be done.

  1. Adorable Sweet Kitties Come in Packs. Needless to say, one little kitten is never alone.  Like mice, when you see one of these kittens, you will see six more. Before those adorable little kitties grow up, learn how to protect your lawn and garden with natural methods.
  2. Cat Fencing. Gardens are best protected with chicken wire or some sort of fencing to “deter” cat invaders. Make sure to cut a sharp ending on the top of the fence to deter cats from simply climbing over.
  3. Water. Water is the one of the things that cats hate the most. You can spray them with a hose, but it is best to spray cats with a super water gun that has pressure nozzle on the end. Cats will run away for a short while, but determined cats will return.
  4. Citrus Peels. Cats hate citrus smells, so you can eat the fruit and then shred or cut the peels into small pieces and spread them around your garden and yard. The problem with this solution is that it needs to be redone every four to five days. A simpler way is to buy cat repellant with citrus to keep cats out of your yard. 
  5. Ammonia Around the Porch. For a quick dash or repellant, use ammonia all around the porch and areas you want to deter cats from coming. Be careful around the garden area though.  If you are planning on having guests over, the ammonia may just deter the guests more
  6. Plant lots of Flowers. Cats hate marigolds, petunias, lavender, geraniums, peppermint and rue. By planting these plants around your yards, you can keep cats away.
  7. Coffee Grounds. After brewing up a pot of coffee, put the coffee grounds in places where you want to keep cats out. This natural alternative will save you money and keep your grounds all natural and smelling good.
  8. Moth Balls and Cayenne. A really good alternative to keep cats away is moth balls. The smell is awful and cats run away quickly. You need to put the moth balls in a plastic jug and then poke some holes in the plastic jug and put these jugs in bushes and on the ground to keep cats out. Cayenne can be sprinkled, but be aware that pepper is toxic to cats and you may harm the animal.
  9. Motion Activated Sprinklers. Motion automatic sprinklers can be found at your local hardware store and will start anytime someone is in the area. The sprinklers will frighten the cat and make them go elsewhere to rest. Not a cheap alternative, but one to keep your lawn bright green and cat free.
  10. Buy a Big Dog. One of the best ways to keep cats away is with a guard dog. Even a little Shitzu will make enough noise to frighten any cat. Cats will never go around a barking dog, even if it is very tiny.
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