How To Keep Cats Off Counters

Once you learn this simple method of how to keep cats off counters you will be able to apply it to every area of your cat’s behavior. Cats are very intelligent, easy to train, and the things you need to keep cats off counters are probably in your pantry. Curiosity is the driving force behind a cat wanting to climb, explore, and open cupboard doors to climb in and look around. The more you know about cats, the easier it is to train and co-exist with one.

To keep cats off counters, you will need:

  • Plastic squirt bottle
  • Aluminum foil
  1. Aluminum Foil. The first step is to stop the cat from jumping on the counters. During the training period, cover the counter with aluminum foil. For instance, if your cat keeps coming back to the same counter top, cover it with foil. Cats are repelled by the crunching noise that foil makes. Most cats are actually afraid of foil. The point is not to scare the cat but to keep him away from the counter.
  2. Training. The most useful tool for training a cat is a spray bottle filled with clear water. Keep the bottle handy at all times. When you catch the cat jumping up on the counter or approaching it, squirt the cat in the back of the neck or ears making certain to avoid the eyes. Your cat will be on the move after the first squirt so you may only be able to hit his back side. As you squirt, add the command “No”. Be diligent with this training.  After a few times, all you will have to do is show the cat the squirt bottle in your hand and use the command “no”. When he responds consistently to seeing the spray bottle, it is safe to remove the aluminum foil from the counter.
  3. Set boundaries. No matter whom you live with, roommate, spouse, children, dog, cat, or gerbil you must always set boundaries for behavior. The same applies to your cat. By nature, your cat is curious and smart. He will figure out how to open doors and cupboards to explore. Give your cat his own area where he can be a cat. A kitty condo or scratching post is essential, because scratching is a part of grooming and maintenance for a cat. If cupboards are his thing, you will know because he will try to get in them a lot, give him a cupboard of his own with a soft blanket or towel where he can keep his toys and sleep undisturbed. We all need our own space, include Mr. Whiskers.



  • The spray bottle method of teaching a cat that something is a no no can be used for any cat behavior you want to stop. Remember, you want to train your cat, not kill his spirit. Let him be a cat with boundaries.


  • The animal shelter is full of cats sent their by unknowledgeable owners for acting like a cat. It is important to understand the nature of any pet you keep. Take the time to learn what is normal for a cat and what isn’t. For example, if your cat suddenly urinates on the robe on the floor next to your bed, and this is something he has never done before, he is telling you something is wrong or he is sick. Learn about cats before you adopt one and make that adoption a life long commitment.
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