How To Keep Chicks Warm In The Winter

Want to know how to keep chicks warm in the winter? We're not talking about hatching eggs, either. Incubate your girl, and if you're lucky, several girls at a time.

  1. Wrap her up. Wrapping her up in your lust and love is a great way to keep chicks warm in the winter. All you have to do is envelope her with your strong arms and bring her close to your body. Nestle her in, snuggle her up and we guarantee she'll coo with delight.
  2. Invite her to sleep over. One of the greatest ways to keep chicks warm in the winter is to invite her to sleep over. If she balks, tell her she can sleep on the couch-but be sure to fall asleep next to her while you've got a good flick going. If she's game, invite her into your bed. You can tell her that you won't make any moves. Course once she's in your bed, all is fair in love and sex.
  3. Ask for a threesome. A non-traditional way to keep chicks warm in the winter is asking for a threesome. They say the more, the merrier, right? We say the more bodies entwined, the warmer she'll be. Make sure you're dating an open-minded girl before you ask for a threesome, however. Otherwise you'll be the one left in the cold.
  4. Give her your jacket. If you want to play it safe while you keep chicks warm in the winter, offer her your jacket. Terribly chivalrous men lend their suit coats, but if you're dressed casually, take off your jacket and place it around her shoulders. This is a safe and polite way to stop the shivers. It might earn you a brownie point or two later in the evening, too.
  5. Suggest climbing in the water bed. This is for the guys who really know how to keep chicks warm in the winter. Keep a waterbed, even if it's in a spare bedroom. Use the waterbed only in the winter and when you're on the prowl for hot chicks. Warm bed, sultry woman-all that's required on your part is getting that smoking hot girl into the bed.



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