How To Keep Coffee From Tasting Bitter

If you are sipping bitter-tasting coffee, you should learn about how to keep coffee from tasting bitter. Researchers at the Coffee Research Institute have determined that bitter tasting coffee comes from various compounds in your water and the extraction process of the coffee, not necessarily the coffee itself. Here are some things you can do to keep your coffee from tasting bitter.

  1. Use filtered water. If you have bad tasting tap water, you are going to have bad tasting coffee. Your filtered water should still contain minerals, just don't use distilled water.
  2. Use cold water (assuming you are brewing with a coffee maker). If you put hot water into a coffee maker, it will burn away natural oils found in beans. This will result in a bitter taste.
  3. Don't be stingy with your scooping. If you are trying to make an entire pot of coffee, make sure you put in enough coffee to do so. If you only put a little teaspoon size scoop in, you will over-extract your coffee. Over-extraction is the biggest reason that coffee tastes bitter. Read the directions on the coffee you buy, so you know how much to use. If you are wanting less caffeine, try a different blend instead of using less coffee.
  4. Buy a medium bodied roast. Coffee researchers say that medium roasted coffee has "fewer soluble solids, a higher acid content, and a potent aroma". These factors have been found to reduce bitterness. Dark roasted coffee tends to contain more solids and has a lower acidity.
  5. Clean your coffee maker. If you don't clean your coffee maker regularly, oils and other residues from the beans will build up. This will cause bitter tasting coffee. Rinse your coffee maker out after each use to eliminate some of the residue.
  6. Don't over brew your coffee. If your coffee maker has a bottom burner, make sure that it only stays on for a couple of minutes. Burning the coffee will make it taste bitter. Better yet, get a stainless steel coffee carafe.





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