How To Keep A Conversation Going

On first dates or during other awkward situations you may need pointers on how to keep the conversation going. When you are getting to know another person it can be difficult finding the right things to say that will not offend the other person to keep the conversation going. What you find comical or funny may sound rude or appalling to another person and the conversation can come to an abrupt fault instead of continuing.

  1. Keep it clean. To keep the conversation going with someone you have just met keep it PG rated. Not everyone has the same sense of humor or find the same things funny. Some women feel uncomfortable around men that talk about sex or tell sexually oriented jokes to keep a conversation going.

  2. Leave politics alone. Having conversations about politics during first date or meeting with someone can be a huge mistake. If you or the one you are holding a conversation with are unable to have a level headed debate or understand the other persons point of views politics can be a conversation killer.

  3. Don't control the conversation. Sometimes in order to keep the conversation going it is best to keep quiet and let the other person take the lead. If you are the one constantly talking it is possible that you will alienate the other person into saying nothing at all instead of injecting input into the conversation.

  4. Ask about them. When meeting with someone for the first time ask them some questions about themselves but nothing too personal. Ask about their job, their family, or even their children if they have any. Asking questions such as how much money they make, if the like oral sex, and if they want children may be over the top and seem like you are making assumptions about a future together and could easily scare them away.

  5. Talk about yourself. Be free with information about yourself during a conversation. This could open up the other person into telling you about their lives and the things that are important to them.    

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