How To Keep Cool In The Summer

Picture this: a way to learn how to keep cool in the summer even when it feels like the desert. Summer is nice with all of it's pretty sunshine, but it comes at cost on those days when it gets just a bit too hot. Try these tips to handle the heat.

You need a few items to try these ideas:

  • Personal and full size fans
  • Wet wash clothes
  • Wet hair
  • Damp or wet clothes
  • Water
  • Neck cooler
  1. Personal fans – These seems obvious, but the amount of fans depends on the amount of space the air has to circulate through.
  2. Wet wash cloths – Wet wash clothes work really well. For some men, these work great to keep cool. For others, wet wash cloths may feel annoying. It all depends on personal preference. They do work though. You lay the wet wash cloths on what ever area of the body you want to help cool off.
  3. Once you take a shower don't dry off – Especially your hair. This is a really great way to keep cool in the summer. Having a fan blow cool air on you makes it even colder.
  4. Not so dry clothes – Get your sleep wear wet. If the clothes you sleep in are wet, or just a little wet, and you are in front of a fan, you will keep cool in the summer.
  5. Wrap your neck – Some stores carry these little snake-looking wrap around neck pieces that help keep your neck cool.

Try any or all of these tips. You can also take some of these keep cool in the summer tips and mix them with your own. If you have young kids, watch out for little fingers and fans. Also, drink a lot of water, as it will help your body keep cool.

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