How To Keep Dice On An Axis

When playing a game like craps, it is an advantage to be able to keep the dice on an axis. Dice control is an important technique to master. Once mastered, it will become second nature to you. For those who are not familiar with the game craps, it is a game where the wagers on based on the outcome of the dice roll.  When the dice is on axis, it means that the dice is aligned with the vertical axis of the craps table before they are rolled. An off axis dice roll is far less predictable. When playing craps, the key is how the dice spins. An experienced craps player can roll the dice in such a way that it will roll exclusively to the right or left side. Doing this results in an equal backspin on both die. The goal is to create enough force to cause a desired set of numbers.

In order to keep dice on an axis, you will need:

  • Dice
  • Craps table
  • Practice
  1. Track your throws. Keep track of your rolls on a piece of paper. If the same numbers appear multiple times, this is a good indication that your dice is off axis.
  2. Make sure you align your wrist with the long edge of the craps table. Keep your wrists straight as you throw the dice. Tilting to either direction can influence the result.
  3. If your results are still not desirable, tilt your wrists slightly to the left or right side. Track your results after your wrists shift. Determine which shift or sway to what side produces the best results for you.
  4. When your roll is still not what you want, change the force of your throw. Apply more or less pressure. If this doesn't get you great results, try investing in a new pair of dice.
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