How To Keep Dogs Out Of Flower Beds

If you have a dog and a garden that you love, you’ll want to know how to keep dogs out of flower beds. The damage that your playful pup can cause while romping around in there can be difficult to repair and it can be quite the challenge keeping him away from what looks like a playground for him. Dogs are attracted to digging, things they can chew and dirty places for them to roll around, making flower beds a beacon of fun for them. By learning how to keep dogs out of flower beds you can make sure that your pup stays in the yard and out of the garden!

To keep dogs out of flower beds you will need:

  • Chicken Wire
  • Sand box
  • Sand
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Cumin
  1. Keep him occupied. Many people leave their dogs out alone in the yard for hours on end then get surprised that they are getting themselves into trouble. Being outside and alone can be very boring for a dog, and if he is bored he will invariably find something to occupy his time. Going outside with your dog for a few minutes at a time and playing fetch, chase or tug is a great way to get some of his energy out in a fun way rather than ever having to learn how to keep dogs out of flower beds.
  2. Build a fence. Set your dog up for success. Part of learning how to keep dogs out of flower beds is to remove the ability to get into them in the first place. Using chicken wire, build a fence about a foot deep and high enough that your dog can’t jump over it all the way around the perimeter of your garden. This will help him to resist his urges to get inside.
  3. Redirect instincts. Dogs don’t go to your gardens just to destroy the things that you spend time growing. A large and important part of learning to keep dogs out of flower beds is taking the time to understand what is drawing your dog to that particular area. Dogs love to dig, roll around and bury things. Your garden is the best place for that. If you give your dog his own area to do all those things, like a sandbox, chances are he’ll leave your garden alone. Just make his area more appealing than your flower beds and he’ll abandon the garden for the sandbox in a heartbeat.
  4. Make it unpleasant. If removing his access, keeping him occupied and giving him a place to play doesn’t work you can always try simple and very safe home remedies to make your garden unpleasant for your pup. Sprinkling the soil in the garden with cumin and cayenne pepper will cause your dog to sneeze and make it not fun for him to play in there.

Remember, the key to learning to keep dogs out of flower beds is to teach them what to do. If you don’t teach your dog where he is allowed to play and dig and get out his natural dog tendencies you cannot be angry at him for choosing your garden. Set him up for success, you can’t just tell him what not to do, you have to tell him what to do!

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