How to Keep the Engagement Ring a Secret

You’ve done the research, talked to her best friend and you’ve finally purchased your girlfriend the ring of her dreams; now you'll need to know how to keep the engagement ring a secret before you can implement your perfect proposal plan. If you share a residence, hiding the engagement ring could pose quite the dilemma.

  1. Too High for Her If your girlfriend is vertically challenged and doesn’t make it a habit to grab a step stool to store or reach items on the top shelf of your closet, this may be a safe hiding place. Put the ring box inside something inconspicuous, such as the box your cell phone came in. If your place has an attic, hide the ring inside the box full of Christmas decorations—that is, assuming it’s not Christmas season.
  2. Box in a Box in a Box Take a cue from Russian nesting dolls and put the ring box inside another box that fits inside a bigger box that sits in a larger box with a bunch of boxes in it. She would have to be hunting to find the ring in such an inconspicuous space. You could also put the ring box into a sock, which you should put into a shoe, which should go into a shoe box at the bottom of a stack of your shoe boxes. Better yet, put the shoe box on the top shelf of your closet just to be safe.
  3. Behind Obvious Items If you have an extensive DVD collection stored in a place where there is room behind the DVDs, you may have found the perfect hiding spot. Just be sure it’s hidden behind her least favorite movies in case she pulls a few out for a movie marathon on a rainy Sunday.
  4. Don’t hide the ring in your car. Worst case scenario, your car gets stolen. You’re better off risking her stumbling upon it hidden in your house than risking it getting stolen from your vehicle.
  5. When it comes time to propose, don’t hide the ring in food. Not only will you have to trust a restaurant staff with the ring, but you’re also risking that your fiancée-to-be could choke.
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