How To Keep Facial Hair From Growing On Your Face

If you have ultimately decided you want to learn how to keep facial hair from growing on your face, you are at the right spot for an idea or two. Some men start out all anxious to grow their first beard when they're pre-teens, but others get past that once they're adults and would rather not have to fuss over shaving. This is for you.

You'll need:

  • Liquid wax
  • Hair lotion remover
  1. Waxing Are you ready for this? If you've never heard of waxing, well, it works. They do it in Europe. They get rid of all of their body hair-many swear by waxing. Waxing does keep facial hair from growing on your face, but eventually you would have to do it again. You would need to research the best kind of wax for your skin and any added ingredients in the wax to keep your facial hair from growing on your face. If you have tender skin, waxing could irritate it. Your facial hair won't come back for about two months though. Results are going to be different from male to male. 
  2. Hair lotion Removers There are lotions that remove facial hair. This won't necessarily keep facial hair from growing on your face, but depending on which one you use it will temporarily remove facial hair. Regardless of the hair remover you choose, ingredients like cocoa butter, vitamin E, and aloe are very healthy and soothing to your skin.

While the above mentioned methods won't permanently keep facial hair from growing on your face, they will definitely keep facial hair from growing longer than shaving. Bear in mind, hair lotion removers can really irritate the skin so use them with caution. Even two different lotions by the same brand could have to different effects. So play around with both methods, and keep your electric or manual razors on hand just in case neither method is for you.

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