How To Keep Flies Away

Knowing how to keep flies away is important, especially during the warmer months. There is nothing more irritating than a fly that won't leave you alone. Follow these few tips to make sure you keep the flies away and out of your living space.

  1. Keep entrances closed. Whether in your home or at the office, keep all door and windows closed so that flies cannot get in. If you do have to open a window, be sure you have a screen to keep the flies away. If you need to keep a door open and don't have a screen door, there is mesh material you can buy to hang from the doorway to keep the flies away.
  2. Flies love food. Flies are instantly attracted to food and can ruin any picnic. If you have food out in the open, be sure to keep it covered so that flies aren't able to get to it. Flies are especially attracted to fruit, so be sure you keep it hidden. In your home, make sure you always put food away and keep your kitchen as clean as possible.
  3. Standing water. Flies love water, so be sure to keep standing water away from your home. The kiddy pool in your back yard is a breeding ground for flies. Make sure you keep it as far from the entrances to your home as possible.
  4. Keep it clean.  Keep your living space as clean as possible to keep the flies away. Also, if you have pets, make sure to clean up any messes outside to keep the flies away. The cleaner your living area, the less likely you are to have those pesky flies bothering you. Keep your outside trash cans as far away from your home as you can since flies are drawn to the food in your garbage.


  • No matter how clean you keep your living space, flies are still likely to get in at some point or another. Keep a fly swatter handy to get rid of the flies that do manage to make it into your space. An old piece of rolled up newspaper will also do the trick.
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