How To Keep A Folding Knife Clean When Camping

Protect yourself by learning how to keep a folding knife clean when camping. A knife is a required tool when camping for it is used very frequently. Cutting rope, working with wood, or preparing food would be extremely hard to do without it.

A folding knife has pockets that can trap dirt or other materials against the blades. Cutting meats allows the possibility of contamination throughout the folding knife. If you don't know how to keep a folding knife clean when camping, you can run the risk of becoming sick from food contamination.

To keep a folding knife clean when camping, you need:

  • folding knife
  • paper towels
  • dish soap or hand sanitizing gel
  • water
  1. Open the blades of the folding knife. This allows access to nooks and crannies in the knife case.
  2. Wipe off any chunks of food or trash. The more debris removed now, the easier it is to clean. A toothpick or small piece of twig may be needed to remove some stubborn items.
  3. If you have access to dish soap and water, clean the folding knife like you would a fork or spoon. Allow the knife to dry fully before closing the blades. This will prevent rust from forming. Once at home make sure to keep the knife oiled with a light oil.
  4. Hand sanitizing gel is an alternative. Place the gel on the knife and leave it there for a few minutes. This will kill most problematic germs. Wipe clean and then fold the knife blades back up.
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