How To Keep The Form Of A Baseball Cap

Learning how to keep the form of a baseball cap can extend the life and quality of your baseball cap. As you may know, baseball caps have a tendency to lose their form between excessive use and not being stored properly. Without their form, baseball caps look just like any old hat. If you’re not ready to give up your baseball cap’s form, than take a look at this set of tools you’ll need to keep your cap’s shape and form.

To keep your baseball cap’s form, you’ll need the following items:

  • Baseball cap
  • Washer
  • Location to hang hat
  • Old coffee can
  1. Wash your cap. The first step to keeping your baseball cap’s form is to give it a good washing. Wash it in a standard washer by itself. Don’t attempt to just throw it in with a regular load of laundry or you may do some real damage to your cap. Immediately after you’re done washing it, hang it up in a location where it will dry adequately. Don’t attempt trying to run your cap through the dryer, which will wrinkle it.
  2. Hang your cap up. After your baseball cap is dry, you’re ready to place your baseball cap in a location that will help ensure it keeps its form. Take an old coffee can and place your cap over it. These cans are really useful for keeping the form of your baseball cap because they allow your cap to sit in a location where it will both keep its form and also be in an elevated, ready-to-use state. If you have any baseball memorabilia just sitting around, like old baseballs, you can place them on the inside of this can.

With your baseball cap resting on a coffee can, it’ll be ready to use whenever you want. Just make that after extensive use, you give your baseball cap a good wash and let it sit on your coffee can. You can also consider customizing your coffee can with stickers, old tickets, etc. to give it that rustic display look. These cans are also great to use for other hats and work great as display pieces in your baseball collection.

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